Touchland Power Mist Pure Hand Sanitizers

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Scent: Pure Lavender Power Mist

Boujie Hand Sanitizer
  • Aloe you scent: a clean and refreshing splash of aloe juice, sparkling lime, crisp apple, and watery pear.
  • Lemon Lime Spritz Scent: Refreshing and uplifting with notes of fizzy lime, crunchy green leaves and zesty lemongrass.
  • Smiley® limited edition collaboration is about celebrating happiness and encouraging everyone to take the time to smile. As a global symbol of positivity, this collab introduces the brand new mango passion scent, featuring notes of fresh mango, bright passion fruit nectar, and ripe peaches.
  • Pure lavender scent: a comforting cocoon of grounding eucalyptus, calming lavender, and rich tonka bean.
  • Rainwater Scent: Run your fingers through a natural spring, where the cool stream meets salty lime, transparent florals and tender woods.
  • Velvet peach scent: a juicy explosion of creamy apricot, cheerful peach blossoms, and warm amber.
  • Wild Watermelon Scent: Refreshing and sparkling, the fragrance features notes of fresh watermelon, watery florals and crisp green and uplifting fruity facets.